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What is the purpose of this test?

The test you’ll take is an ImPACT Baseline Test, this is a test that takes results of an online test that covers memory, reactions and cognitive skill. These are then processed and stored for if you experience a concussion or other sever brain injury while playing sport. By taking these readings ImPACT can suggest a return to play procedure and determine the severity of the symptoms that keeps the player safe.

Why do I need to do this test?

Your club or team has directed you to this site as they have enrolled in a scheme to help ensure all players are safe and protected when it comes to head injuries in sports. If a player has not fully recovered and continues to play contact sport after suffering from a concussion they may be at more risk in later life. This test will ensure the safety of the player in the event of a concussion.

How do I get my code?

To receive your ImPACT Baseline Test code, complete the sign up process, in this you will be asked to authenticate your email address to ensure that the code is delivered to your email address. Please enter your correct club and team in this sign up process to make sure you receive a correct code.

I don’t see my club or team on the site

If you haven’t been instructed to use this site by your team or club then your team will not be on here. If you have, and you don’t see your team please contact us with the information on what team and club you play for. It may also help to contact the team/club that directed you to the site as they may have more information on this.

If you do not see a team or club on here, but play one of the sports and see your age group then please progress with this, due to the high demand of teams and clubs it is not possible to list them all. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us or your team/club.

I have my code, now what?

Once you have your ImPACT code, you need to go to the ImPACT site to do the baseline test. You can also find this link in the email that you received your code on. The link for the ImPACT site is also in the menu bar at the top.

I lost my ImPACT Code

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to check the ImPACT code on your account. Sign in using the credentials you used to sign up and click Transactions at the top of the page. You’ll be able to see your order and your code here.

I have a problem with the test or ImPACT Site

If you’re experiencing problems accessing or completing the test then for the best response please contact ImPACT directly via their Support Page.

Still have questions?

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